Schaffner Group expects significant improvement in profitability


Ad hoc announcement pursuant to Art. 53 LR

Luterbach, 2 November 2021 - The Schaffner Group saw a good second half of 2020/21 and is expected to exceed the targets communicated with the half-year results. For the full 2020/21 fiscal year ending 30 September 2021, Schaffner Group expects net sales of more than CHF 170 million and an EBIT margin above 10% (before goodwill recycling[1]). In addition, the Schaffner Group expects growth in order intake of over 30% in its continued business.

The Schaffner Group will report in detail on its business performance and financial results for fiscal 2020/21 on 7 December 2021.


[1] In accordance with Swiss GAAP FER 30, Schaffner has in the past offset goodwill from acquisitions against equity. The accounting rules of Swiss GAAP FER require that, in the event of a disposal of a business unit, the related goodwill is recycled through the income statement. In this context, the sale of the Power Magnetics Division resulted in a one-off, non-cash expense of CHF 14.9 million for Schaffner as goodwill recycling. The Schaffner Group's equity will not be affected by the goodwill recycling.

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