Singing Contest - The Hidden Talent Revealed among Thai Colleagues

Nicole Hurni

Step into the enchanting world of our "Happy Workplace" program in Thailand, where the recently concluded "Schaffner Singing Talent 2023" campaign brought together 1,400 employees for a celebration of musical prowess and collaboration.

The well-being of our employees is important to us. With the "Happy Workplace" program in Thailand, we specifically promote this through various activities in eight areas. Under the motto "Happy Relax", we launched the "Schaffner Singing Talent 2023" campaign, which was met with great enthusiasm by our 1,400 employees. 

The search for talented singers began in September and ended in November with three rounds of group competitions and the final round. This event had a huge impact on the motivation of our employees and boosted their self-confidence, self-love and openness.  

We knew that our employees in Lamphun are known for the quality and precision of their work. But we also discovered great musicians - which calls for a second season.